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Ultrasound Can Help Improve Strength of 3D-Printed Metals




Scientists from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) discovered that ultrasonic exposure during 3D printing by Direct Laser Deposition allows obtaining high-strength metal products and even adjust the mechanical characteristics of individual sections.

The idea of ultrasonic exposure is borrowed to some extent from the powder metal industry: powder materials are often compacted before molding using ultrasonic vibrations. The Australian team conducted experiments on ultrasonic compaction right during 3D printing: the idea was not to compact the original powder but to change the microstructure of the resulting products.

The researchers point out that products produced by laser sintering of metal powders are notable for anisotropy — they consist of rather large, elongated crystals, which leads to a decrease in strength and increases the risk of cracking during printing. When the sintered material is exposed to ultrasonic waves, a stronger and denser microstructure is formed with smaller and equiaxed crystals. The scientists tested the idea on the directed energy deposition (DED) technology, where the powder is sprayed onto the substrate by a gas jet and selectively sintered with a laser emitter. The only difference was that a sonotrode and a 500-watt piezoelectric сonverter with a 20 kHz oscillation frequency were connected to the substrate.

The main material of the research was Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy powder. During the experiments, the team managed to increase the creep limit and strength by 12%. For the sake of the experiment’s purity and proof of the general applicability of the method, the experiments were repeated with the heat-resistant nickel-chrome Inconel 625 alloy, with similar results. Interestingly enough, the method allows you to create products with a functionally-graded structure, that is, to adjust the strength characteristics of individual sections of printed products using selective ultrasonic exposure.

Although we used a titanium alloy and a nickel-based superalloy, we expect that the method can be applied to other commercial metals, such as stainless steels, aluminum alloys, and cobalt alloys,” – explains professor Ma Qian.“

Scientists believe that the method will be effective not only in conjunction with the technology of direct laser deposition of metal powders but also when working with rod-shaped materials. But there are also limitations: ultrasound can disrupt the distribution of powder in selective laser sintering or melt (DMLS and SLM), so for these methods, it is most likely that focused exposure is required directly on the sintered/fused areas.

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10 Wall Art Ideas to Refresh Your Space



Into The Woods

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