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The Use of AI in WordPress



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People have been using WordPress for web development because it’s a user-friendly platform. It helps developers save time and money for it has some preinstalled features and many additional plugins. If you are building a website from scratch, one needs to hire a web developer, a content writer, a web designer, etc. because it is not a one-person job. It requires a lot of effort to develop and maintain a website. 

The complete responsibility of running a website that requires constant updates, upgrades, and re-designing isn’t easy. Users of WordPress are usually don’t have much to worry about in this regard, as they don’t really have to design a website. They don’t have to get a web designer as well, which costs hundreds of dollars. WordPress offers many preinstalled features in which all you need to do is add content and it will handle the designing for you. 

An AI-Powered WordPress

WordPress has introduced many new features in their platform that have greatly enhanced website functionality. WordPress has introduced new features that incorporate effective elements of artificial intelligence to improve the method of sales altogether. 

If you are interested in learning about the latest features of artificial intelligence introduced by WordPress, you have come to the right place. WordPress knows well where the trends of marketing are shifting. It has grown in the same direction by taking into consideration the things that have now become the reasons for the advancement of our age. Let’s look into the new features of artificial intelligence plugins that WordPress has integrated into their platform.

WordLift for Content Improvement 

Artificial intelligence plays a great role in improving content on your webpage by providing you with plugins that differentiate between the qualities of different kinds of content. Not just that, it also offers you SEO tips and suggestions in order to improve the quality of content by illustrating through the knowledge graph the type of content that the audience appreciates and reads. WordLift smartly figures out the device that is used to access a page. It quickly adjusts the webpage according to your device’s screen, which means it is device-friendly. It offers suitable facts and statistics along with the content you have written, links and references, and high-resolution visuals to keep your content appealing and attractive to the audience.  

MyCurator for Specificity and Relevance 

When we speak of content that is written on a specific topic, we mean the content that includes all details and information of the subject matter at hand. If your content is not specific to the topic, most of the readers will lose interest midway through the reading of your article. If the questions that he has in mind are not answered, there is a chance that he may never want to return to your articles or content solely for the reason that they didn’t meet the needs of the readers. MyCurator is a WordPress plugin that helps make your content more specific and relevant to the topic you’re supposed to write on. It is a cloud-based curation service that facilitates an artificial intelligence-powered content aggregator to offer a variety of references and links relevant to your topic. This way you can improve the quality as well as the quantity of your content. 

Kindred Posts for Traffic Monitoring 

Once you have ensured the content on your site is satisfactory, the next step should be to be careful of the additional queries your audience may have once they land your page. You have the complete responsibility of inviting traffic to your site in the first place, and then keeping it glued to your site should be your second concern. To achieve that, you should consider using AI-based plugins like Kindred Posts, which require minimal settings and offer maximum results in leading your audience to the content per their taste and interest.

Akismet for Spam Detection 

Akismet will help you locate any spam comments that may pollute your site. It works on the system of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect spam links, posts, or comments. It is a built-in plugin and simply runs in the background. 

Live Chats 

What a relief it is when you can communicate with the experts on the subjects that concern you at any time of the day. Sometimes you cannot simply surf through Google to have your query answered, as Google may not have the exact response to your question. What you can do is to make use of these AI-based chatbots that offer customer support. These virtual agents can connect with you to answer any of your problems. Chatbots provide answers based on insights gathered by mining massive amounts of customer data.

Why WordPress?  WordPress is the most popular content management system and the addition of AI-powered plugins has made it more flexible and user-friendly. It is one of the best platforms for launching a website. WordPress works really well if you want to save time and still be able to attract maximum traffic to your site. WordPress does not shy away from inviting new features and updates that it knows would benefit content marketers in the present and future. All it requires is a working internet connection that supports these tools, features, and applications. For that matter, you can consider AT&T Internet packages that will meet your specific connectivity needs. You can also pair internet deals with cable TV to enjoy two services and save more. 

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You are Losing Conversion! Optimized Your Responsive Blog Template for More Leads & Traffic



Most bloggers, digital marketers, and other digital business owners need to increase their traffic and lead with a responsive blog template. As a blogger, if your bounce rate is very high, this blog post is for you.

Both Traffic and lead is the best key to successful online business, if you want to sell more product or service online and scale your eCommerce Business, then you need to drive more traffic, and lead to your blog, although some blog or e-commerce website generate millions of visitors monthly but still make little sales because of the condition of the website or blog template

Templates or themes play an important role in every blog, e-commerce website, landing page and others. Millions of e-commerce website owners, bloggers, digital marketers, dropshippers and other online business owners focus on traffic only, they careless about their blog or website appearance which is the template.

Template is also known as theme, is body or front end of every website or blog, as a website administrator or operator, you can see more than front end, which is the theme, but all your website visitors can only see your blog or website theme only, so if your theme is not responsive and attractive they will close your blog immediately without buy reading or buying anything from you.

As a wise blogger, e-commerce website owner or digital marketer you need to use responsive, attractive, beautiful and flexible templates for your blog, this will attract your visitors and they will spend more time on your blog reading post or buy your product.

If you are currently losing conversion and you need to optimize your template so that you can get more traffic and lead, then this blog post is for, in this blog post I will list the best for template that can increase your traffic and lead within short period of time, these template are for WordPress users only, I am choosing WordPress CMS because it is the most popular CMS currently, millions of bloggers, digital marketers, and others use WordPress. 

Best Lead and Traffic Generation WordPress Responsive Blog Template

1. Kallyas

Kallyas is the best traffic and lead generation responsive blog WordPress theme, it is one of the most popular themes on Theme Forest.

Kallyas is the best e-commerce theme for WordPress, you can sell anything with Kallyas theme, it is a multi- purpose eCommerce WordPress theme with over demos for businesses, projects, organization and professionals.

Kallyas is built with over 100 elements that are capable of building a sellable blog or e-commerce website for anyone including newbies, it comes with The Slider Revolution that allows all users to create amazing slides and showcase numerous contents on your blog. 

Kallyas is SEO and mobile friendly, it supports all browsers, fast and also loads faster than other themes.

 2.  Pursuit

Pursuit is also on my list for the best traffic and lead generation responsive WordPress theme, it is a flexible and versatile WordPress theme that integrates all WordPress plugins, Pursuit comes with numerous ready-to-use demos that you can install with one click.

Pursuit is fast, SEO friendly, it is designed for e-commerce, and you can sell any products or service with Pursuit theme.

Pursuit is compatible with the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress like Woo Commerce plugin that helps all users to run and manage a store with their website easily.

3. Avada

Avada is the one of the best lead and traffic generation WordPress responsive templates, currently it is one of the most selling themes of all time ThemeForest.

Avada is a multi-purpose theme that comes with 50 unique, attractive and awesome demos for several businesses, projects and individuals.

This template has numerous elements combined and amazing designs, when it comes to lead and traffic generation WordPress theme Avada is the best.

Avada theme is compatible with all WordPress plug-ins, and it integrates shortcodes, widgets and other elements and features that makes every blog to generate more traffic and lead.

Avada developers allow all users to create pages with Fusion Builder plugin, shortcode generator for creating important shortcodes, megamenu to improve navigation, and VFusion Slider to create an amazing display of content and others.

You can use wordpress plugin like, WooCommerce – to sell anything on your blog, bbPress – to create forums, Buddy Press – to build a community website, likewise Events Calendar to organize an events in your blog and other plugin with Avada WordPress theme.

4. Phlox Pro

Phlox Pro is one best WordPress theme that is capable of increasing your daily traffic and leads, Phlox Pro is a simple and good looking theme, that is designed for e-commerce websites and other blogs that sell anything.

Phlox Pro integrates all WordPress plugins, including the most popular e-commerce plugin WooCommerce, and other popular plugins.

Phlox Pro is simple and easy to use, it comes with numerous elements that help all users to use drag and drop to create any web page within a short period of time.

5. OceanWP

OceanWP is a popular WordPress theme that most web developers and designers for eCommerce use to create their clients e-commerce website because it is fast, mobile and SEO friendly.

If you want to reduce your website bounce rate, you need to use OceanWP theme, it will attract millions of viewers and they will stay on your website for long periods of time.

OceanWP comes with numerous features and it is compatible with all WordPress plugins including WooCommerce and other plugins for e-commerce websites.

In Conclusion

As traffic is important to any blog or e-commerce website to sell product or service likewise responsive theme is needed to help all the visitor to stay to read or buy your product easily, if a viewer find it so difficult to read your blog post or product description, he or she may likely to close your blog or e-commerce website page.

Responsive templates are very important for your e-commerce website, choose any of the WordPress theme in this blog post to replace your current theme, you can also use SEMrush for eCommerce or other tools to analyze and optimize your e-commerce website, so that you can generate more traffic and lead.

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3 Ways To Integrate Stripe With Your WordPress Website




Considering that Stripe launched in 2011, it is remarkable that today the company has become an industry leader, and is almost synonymous with online payment processing.

A key to this success appears to be the company’s belief in the potential of the online economy, which aims to grow with technological innovation.

This mission becomes clear when you read about the work Stripe have done in simplifying payment flows used by companies in the “on-demand economy”, such as Deliveroo and Lyft. As well as their commitment to providing easy to use APIs for developers, making their platform available to companies of all sizes.

Brands such as ASOS, Under Armour, and Made, also credit Stripe with providing “quick and effective mobile commerce experiences”, for their mobile platforms.

This article will look at 3 ways to integrate Stripe with your WordPress website so that you and your customers can reap the benefits of this payment processing pioneer. You can also hire an eCommerce solutions company Dubai to get this job done flawlessly.

1. Via WooCommerce

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is available for free on the WordPress plugin marketplace, courtesy of WooCommerce. This plugin currently has over 400,000 active installations, making it the most popular Stripe plugin on WordPress.

For customers, this plugin provides a seamless checkout experience. A WordPress website that has WooCommerce installed and configured, will lead the customer from the product page, through to the shopping cart, and then to the checkout where the customer can enter their personal details, and pay.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway comes in at the end of this journey. It displays icons of the accepted payment methods and then processes the payment once the customer opts to place their order.

As such, this is a relatively white label solution, and customers experience a payment process that could be equal in quality to what they would find on the website of a big brand. 

In terms of set up, merchants simply need a free Stripe account from which they can obtain API keys. They then need to enter those keys on the WooCommerce backend to connect their store with their Stripe account.

Merchants can view breakdowns of sales activity on the Stripe Dashboard, and also have the option to enable Apple and Google pay with this plugin.

2. Direct Integration

Directly integrating Stripe into your WordPress website can be done by following Stripe’s Checkout API, and if put into production, should be carried out by a developer.

Basic implementation can provide a range of options from a ‘Pay with Card’ button which produces an overlay payment form, to embedded forms similar to those generated by WooCommerce in the previous example.

The overlay payment form is a fairly common and simple implementation. This allows customers to make an immediate payment without leaving the page, which is a more suitable solution than a shopping cart for many online services.

As the documentation outlines, implementing the overlay payment form is basically a three-step process. Steps one and two involve copying or writing equivalent HTML and backend code from the documentation into your files.

Once configured, this will enable a testable payment form. The final step simply involves securing the Stripe keys on your server if you intend to put the form into production.

An ideal use case for this method would be a startup site or app that requires a fast and simple payment solution and wants to keep a minimal codebase.

3. Via WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is a ‘freemium’ WordPress plugin that provides similar functionality with the direct integration option. The upside is, that you get the functionality with the ease of a plugin install.

With the free, or lite version of WP Simple Pay, you get the Stripe ‘Pay with Card’ button with options to display a simple payment form or a two-step form that allows customers to enter address details before the payment stage. The use of this is unlimited, and there are several other features which include Live and Test mode toggle.

In terms of setup, once the plugin is installed, a dedicated tab will appear on the WordPress dashboard navigation menu. The user interface for the plugin has three tabs: Stripe Keys, General, and Payment Confirmation. What each tab contains is somewhat self-explanatory, except to say that the Payment Confirmation tab allows the use of shortcodes to decide which fields the form will have.

Probably the main benefit apart from the simplicity of installation, is the fact that the form is optimized for mobile buyers. With around 30% of purchases made using a mobile phone, it’s absolutely imperative that the payment form is responsive and optimized for mobile visitors.

Considering the fact that there’re numerous screen sizes and now even different shapes, it’s vital to ensure responsiveness on all screen sizes.

Here’re some common screen sizes (via SmartphoneChecker):

iPhone XS – 5.8”

Samsung S9 Plus – 6.2”

iPhone XS Max – 6.5”

The plugin that adjusts the form based on the screen size automatically is a big relief.

The Pro version offers all of the above, plus: custom amounts (allowing customers to enter the amount), coupon code support, tax rate support, subscription set up functionality, integration with third-party apps, priority support, and more. It also features a drag and drop builder.

This article has examined three distinct ways to integrate Stripe with your WordPress website. In summary, using Stripe with WooCommerce is an ideal solution for stores that sell physical products.

Direct integration, has many possibilities, but the straightforward implementation outlined above, is ideally suited for online services that want to keep a small codebase, and who have a developer on hand.

Finally, plugins such as WP Simple Pay will often be used as an alternative to WooCommerce, by merchants who perhaps specialize in selling online services, or digital products.

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Building Your Website With WordPress Themes: Do’s And Don’ts




If I say that a proper theme can make your website flourish more by many means then I am not wrong, right?

Different web designers are affiliated with different companies or businesses, but they don’t know how to make an attractive theme by selecting a correct WordPress theme for them. Because many of them think that this is much difficult but trust me it is not.

Today I am here to tell you all about the Do’s and Don’ts for while choosing a good WordPress website theme. So stay calm and be with me.

Do’s While Choosing A WordPress Theme:

First of all, keep this in mind that there are many different themes available on different websites but you have to go with the unique one. You will find those unique themes on the template monstereasily.

So here are the Do’s that should be considered before making a choice.

  • Do Select A Theme That Is Easily Approaching:

It is very important to make your theme more responsive because if it is not that easy to use, people will not get attracted to it. Also, there are few chances that people approach to access your web. Try to make it flexible and easy to use. The features of the web theme can be accessed on any gadget so that people can access any place from any device.

  • Do Select The One That Has The Features You Want:

As we make a plan before going on any trip, the same as that we have to make a plan before selecting a web theme for us. It is necessary for the sense that it can make it easy for you to choose the one that has all the features you need.

  • Do Select The Theme By Looking At The Colors:

Colors do matter a lot in making your web WordPress theme more attractive. Also, it defines the business in which you are employed. This thing will create a good opportunity for you to make a positive image in the minds of others. Suppose if you are working in an IT company then while choosing a theme you will see that the color selection of Information technology WordPress themes are more distinct from others and giving it a sophisticated look.

Don’ts While Choosing A Theme:

  • Don’t Select A Theme With Extra Features:

It is an important thing to consider because the themes which have more features which have no use, makes the web boring an hard to operate by the user. This is the reason why people don’t want to go through such websites. It will also severely affects site performance by any means.

  • Don’t Select The Theme With Difficult Font:

While designing a web you must concern about the font size and its style because if your font is not correct, then it will directly affect the user’s readability rate and somehow, your web viewers rate will decrease. So to avoid it, it is necessary to consider this issue first.

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