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G Switch 3 Unblocked



g switch 3

G Switch 3 is the recent installment in the popular running game series. The single-player mode brings you on a one-on-one encounter with a superbly rendered robot with fantastic abilities. The cute robot will switch the gravity to operate upside down, conquer obstacles, and bypass difficulties hands down.

The gameplay is pretty simple. You have to run through various areas with great caution to avoid dropping down and dying. You’ll be running in an infinite mode until you drop dead. However, most exciting is the multiplayer function that allows you to get into a challenge with up to 8 friends.

If you have experience with the earlier versions of G Switch, the chief mission is to manipulate gravity and switch between running on the top and bottom as you navigate the platform. G Switch 3 introduces you to extra features and lots of improvements not featured in the previous versions. This time there are sharp, deadly blades to watch out for. Your mission in G Switch 3 involves both controlling gravity and eliminating the danger. The game also boasts lovely images and quality graphics.

How to play  

In the game, you’re a little robot working to overcome obstacles by manipulating gravity. The robot could run on a regular platform or switch the gravity to run upside down. Even with the ability to alter gravity, you must ensure that you stand on the floor; otherwise, death awaits once you fall.

There is the single-player mode where you’ll have to run and attain new checkpoints and the Infinite mode in which you run until you perish. The multiplayer mode is particularly amazing since it lets you play among seven other competitors in the exact same display. You must take absolute caution against plenty of slicing obstacles as you race across the platform. 

Multiplayer controls

Here are the basic controls when playing G Switch 3 unblocked the multiplayer mode:

Player Control Action
1 C Run and switch lanes
2 M Run and switch lanes
3 Ctrl Run and switch lanes
4 Right Arrow Run and switch lanes
5 A Run and switch lane
6 Num 3 Run and switch lanes
7 B Run and switch lanes
8 Left mouse button Run and switch lanes

Important tips and tricks

  • Multiplayer mode with real people is exciting if you have experienced friends while the single-player mode comes handy if you’re a beginner looking for basic skills.
  • Try switching just before obstacles rather than after hitting them.
  • Both the mouse and keyboard controls work perfectly. Settle for what works best for you.

G Switch 3: Final Thoughts 

G Switch 3 is a fun way to defy gravity and enjoy the most thrilling adventure. Up to 8 players in the new multiplayer mode is an excellent addition in this third installment of the G Switch series by Vasco Freitas. The G Switch 3 solo mode also treats you to immersive adventure between walls, ceilings, and floors as you brave the gauntlets of killer traps.

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