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Blackout blinds — choose your perfect roller curtains in Dubai



b blinds

Blackout roller blinds are specialized systems for functional purposes. Their main task is not a decorative and sun-protection function, as of traditional curtains, but complete isolation of the room from the sunlight. Blackout roller blinds block the light and are installed where there is a need to completely block the light during the day or night when necessary.

At first glance, these window treatments may seem primitive. Open them and let the light in, or close them and make it dark in the room. In fact, blackout fabric is available in various colors, textures and patterns, allowing you to bring to life any design solution and create a cozy atmosphere in your room. Such window coverings fit perfectly into any interior, just make your choice.

Blackout roller blinds can convert the brightest day into a deep night in a matter of seconds.

Features of Blackout Roller Blinds

  • Effective sun protection;
  • Variety of light-blocking fabrics;
  • High sound insulation;
  • Easy care;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Fire resistance.

Get More Privacy and Sleep Better by Selecting Our Blackout Blinds Dubai

Blackout sun-protection systems got such opacity thanks to the special processing of fabric. From the inside (visible to the eyes) the blinds look like the most ordinary fabric roller blinds, and from the outside (street side) the canvas is covered with a special rubberized compound, which prevents the penetration of sunlight.

Blackout blinds not only protect you from the scorching sun, but also add originality and harmony to the interior.

What Rooms Are Blackout Curtains Best For?

The scope of application of blackout curtains is quite extensive. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used alone or combined with traditional curtains. In most cases, blackout blinds are used in premises of the following types:

  • nurseries:
  • bedrooms;
  • conference halls;
  • home cinema rooms;
  • scientific laboratories;
  • specialized photo studios;
  • warehouses;
  • classrooms;
  • offices.

Manufacturers provide a sufficient number of both plain options and patterned fabrics. There are also blinds that reflect the light. Their outer side is covered with a metallized reflective surface, which is used in rooms where windows are exposed to the sun for most of the day. Such layer does not allow the canvas to heat up itself and heat the room.

Advantages of Blackout Blinds

Blackout fabric for roller blinds is used when decorating windows in residential and non-residential premises. Their popularity is due to:

  • ability to completely block the sun rays;
  • durability;
  • resistance to wearing away and fading;
  • ability to keep the shape;
  • easy care;
  • resistance to dirt and dust;
  • ease of management;
  • possibility of installation in damp rooms.

The high density and hypoallergenicity of the materials endows roller blinds with heat-insulating and sound-insulating properties. In case of fire, they do not flare up, but melt, and do not emit toxins and corrosive combustion products.

Natural light fills the room with warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere in it. However, sometimes it causes inconveniences. It is uncomfortable to stay in a room when the weather is hot. Secondly, the light glares on monitors. Thirdly, it creates unfavorable conditions for growing shade-loving plants or fish. To solve these issues, choose blackout blinds — roller curtains that completely absorb the sun rays. You are welcome to buy blackout roller blinds with delivery in Dubai and other cities of the UAE at Atlantis Curtains.

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All that you want to know about King Size Mattress



king size bed

Sleep is very important for every living creature on earth. And many of us desire to have the most comfortable and spacious sleep. But is it possible? So, here the most important thing that matters is the bed sizes. If your mattress is of small size then it becomes very difficult for you to sleep comfortably. It’s obvious you will disturb your partner and also there are chances that you may fall down while sleeping. So, it is recommended to you that if you have a huge and spacious room and are planning to put up a mattress for your bed, then choose the king size mattress. 

It is because this is the only kind of mattress that can make you sleep comfortably. Also, you can rollover the bed easily while sleeping, choosing to spread yourself as much as you want, and that too without disturbing your partner. A King-sized mattress is double the width of a twin-sized mattress, and the king-sized mattress offers 16 inches more twist than that of the queen-sized mattress. Even the most restless sleeper will not be able to disturb their partner in this king-sized mattress or massive surface. It is not recommended for smaller rooms. 

Who Can Use King Size Mattress

King bed sizes bed is for everyone who is mostly accompanied by kids and pets for their sleep. It is highly recommended for families who have a lot of space or a big house. As per the reviews of the king-size mattress, there were people who told that after using the king-size mattress they could go back to the small mattress. The King size bed dimensions of the mattress are 76″ x 80″. And the average length of the king-size bed is 80”. And the average width of the king-size bed is 76”. 

Pros of the King Size Mattress

If you are interested in the king-size bed you don’t have to worry, even on the bed frame that you inherited can be filled here too. There are certain pros and cons of a king-sized mattress. Let’s have a look at some of them. The king-sized mattress is good for couples who have children’s and pets with them accompanying them. Typically, those who buy a king size mattress do not upgrade to larger sizes which can actually save money. King size mattresses come in a variety of sizes and prices. So, you can choose wisely for your home. 

Cons of King Size Mattress

Now, there are some cons also of the King size mattress. They are as follows – firstly, the king-size mattress requires a large amount of space and is not suitable for small rooms. If you perchance put it in small rooms, then it is likely to acquire more amount of space and the room will look congested. The cost of a king-sized mattress can be steep for those on a budget. It may save money over time. So, it is recommended that only those who really require a king-size mattress should use it. It can be used by anyone who is having a huge bedroom to accommodate it. 

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What are Pot Lights and How to install it?



One of the most common forms of light which you will see in Canada is pot lights. Pot lights can also be called recessed lights. These are the kinds of light fixtures that are installed right into the ceiling. The light fixture is installed above the ceiling light, but there is thin trim that might be above or on top of the ceiling material. When the pot lights are installed properly, the spotlight will not be hanging or be visible when it is installed finally. There are many homes that have pot lights installed. It can be for the basement lightning, or it can be for the kitchen or bathroom. 

How to Install Pot Lights

Now, there are many people who after reading this will have a query on their mind as to how to install pot lights? So I will tell you the same. Now, where there are no lights before it can be complex and complicated to install pot lights. The steps for the installation of pot lights are very easy. Let’s have a look at it

Steps for Installing Pot Lights

Step 1 –You should turn the power off from the main circuit breaker prior to attempting any electrical work or installing pot lights. Also, it is advisable that you choose a circuit tester to test whether there is any power or not in the circuits. 

Step 2 – You have to cut the whole. Then draw the outline of the hole in the ceiling first. Please ensure you are not drawing over the joist. Then, cut the hole using a drywall saw or a hole cutting attachment on your power drill. 

Step 3 – Run the wiring. Here is where it can get tricky. You will have to connect and run a cable from the power source to a switch box then first to the pot light hole. Also, leave some space for extra wiring. 

Step 4- Attach the wiring to the fixture. This is how to install pot lights. Once the wiring is at the pot light opening run it into the lights junction box and then clamps it. Then strip the plastic installation off the wires and attach them. You will see 3 kinds of wire bare, black and white. So, connect the bare wire with bare wire and black with black and white with white. 

Step 5 – Do the testing before mounting the fixture. 

Step 6- Put the pot light housing. And for all this work choose the best electrician in Edmonton. Most of the pot lights have clips on the housing that clamp housing to the ceiling. Pull out all the clips, ensuring that they are not sticking out of the housing. Then, put in the hole until it’s flush with the ceiling line. After that push clips up and outwards to secure the housing. 

Step 7- Secure the baffle and trim. Attach the housing to the holes in the pot lights and slide the baffle and trim upwards. Until the whole unit is cleared with the ceiling line. Pot light fixtures should come with coil springs. 

Step 8 – Put in the light bulb. LED lights are the best ones. 

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