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Apartment Prices in Ho Chi Minh City Continue To Increase



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Despite the fact that the demand for apartment search tends to decrease sharply in April 2021, the selling price of this segment still recorded an upward trend even during the outbreak of the pandemic.

According to ‘s April 2021 real estate market report  , although the number of products offered for sale and the demand for apartment transactions in Ho Chi Minh City are showing signs of a sharp decline under the impact of the outbreak. disease, the selling price of this segment continues to escalate.

Specifically, in April 2021 alone, the number of apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City decreased by 6% compared to the previous month. The number of listings for sale of high-end apartments fell the most, up to more than 10%, affordable apartments also had a decrease of about 6% compared to the previous month. Particularly, mid-end apartment products have a stable source of goods for sale, only decreasing by about 1% compared to March 2021. The decrease in the number of apartments for sale mainly comes from two main reasons. The first is due to a sharp decrease in the supply of the market, a series of projects that are being offered for sale are forced to be temporarily delayed because of Covid-19. In addition, a large number of transactions in the secondary market were delayed because buyers were more cautious and less interested in investment channels during the epidemic season.

Apartment prices in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to the reduced supply of products for sale, the demand for apartments in Ho Chi Minh City also dropped sharply in late April and early May. The search volume for apartments in Ho Chi Minh City decreased by 25% compared to that of the end of April and the beginning of May. In March, in which the high-end and mid-end segments decreased by 22-23% respectively and affordable apartments also decreased by nearly 27% compared to the previous month.

Despite the decrease in supply and demand, the selling price of apartments did not record any decrease in April. Compared to the asking price 1 month ago, apartments in Ho Chi Minh City tended to be flat, but compared to the same period last year, the price level of this segment continued to increase by 5%, reaching the level. average 45-47 million VND/m2 and close to 50 million VND/m2. In particular, there are many projects offered for sale at the end of April, with a price increase of nearly 7-10% compared to the level offered at the end of 2020.

Explaining the reason why apartment prices in Ho Chi Minh City continuously increased in the first months of the year, experts said that the limited supply while the large absorption capacity of the market is the factor that causes this type of apartment. price escalation continuously. According to data from the Department of Construction, in the first 3 months of the year, Ho Chi Minh City only had 8 licensed projects for sale with a supply of about 3,422 apartments. The number of apartments eligible for sale in the first quarter of 2021 decreased by more than 86.5% compared to the same period in 2018, down 80% compared to 2019 and reached only 77.3% compared to the 2020 supply. However, the total number of products successfully offered for sale in the whole HCMC market in the first quarter of 2021 reached 6,460 products. Due to the scarcity of new products, the market is well absorbing the backlog of secondary goods.

According to experts of, in 2021 the apartment segment in Ho Chi Minh City may establish a new price level, higher than previous years. The emergence of more and more high-end and luxury apartment projects is pushing the average price of this segment up. Besides, the scarcity of primary apartment supply also causes secondary transaction prices to continue to escalate in the coming months. It is forecasted that apartment prices in Ho Chi Minh City may increase by at least 9% in 2021.

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Real Estate

Gateway Thao Dien Apartment




1. Project Overview

Gateway Thao Dien is an apartment project in District 2 invested and developed by Hamon Developments & Sonkim Land . Gateway Thao Dien is a prominent luxury apartment in Thao Dien area, District 2, so it attracts many customers interested in buying and renting.

So what is the current selling price of Gateway Thao Dien? Should I buy it? Analysis and comments of Cao Lam Phong will help you get the issues you need to know about the apartment in the following article.

Gateway Thao Dien project information District 2

Project name: Gateway Thao Dien

Investor: Joint venture investor Sonkim Land and Hamon Developments from the UK.

Total land area: 10,944 m2.

Scale: 4 blocks

+ 42-storey Aspen building with 233 apartments.

+ Madison Building is 36 floors high with 206 apartments.

+ The Albany 8 floors with 22 super luxury apartments.

+ The Berkley Building is 20 floors high with 80 apartments.

Product type:

+ 1 bedroom apartment with area 48.69 m2 – 60.47 m2.

+ 2 bedroom apartment with area 89.07 m2 – 102.02 m2.

+ 3-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​​​121.28 m2 – 132.90 m2.

+ 4-bedroom apartment with area 142.10 m2 – 143.28 m2.

+ Sky Villas and Garden Villas with an area from 168. 70 m2 – 253.08 m2.

+ Penthouse with area from 417.60 m2 – 424. 83 m2.

2. Where is the Gateway Thao Dien project located?

Gateway Thao Dien apartment location is at 2 Le Thuoc, Thao Dien, District 2 . About 200m from the Saigon River, the living environment in District 2 apartments with quality, cool and airy conditions has become the top concern of the rich.

The advantage of owning the frontage of Hanoi Highway is one of the leading important traffic roads of District 2, the route to the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Should buy Gateway Thao Dien apartment to stay will help residents connect to traffic quickly and conveniently.

Gateway Thao Dien -> Binh Thanh District with 5 minutes.

Gateway Thao Dien -> Urban areas in District 2 (Thu Thiem, An Phu – An Khanh, Thanh My Loi, Nam Rach Chiec) with 3-5 minutes.

Gateway Thao Dien -> District 1 Center with 10 minutes.

Gateway Thao Dien -> Phu My Hung urban area, District 7 with 15 minutes.

Limitations of the location of Gateway Thao Dien District 2

Located right in front of Hanoi Highway, which is the lifeline of District 2, Gateway Thao Dien apartment has some limitations. Heavy traffic affects traffic connectivity

The apartments are adversely affected by noise pollution and dust.

Advantages of Gateway Thao Dien apartment

The “rich” area Thao Dien is home to an extremely wealthy, intellectual, modern lifestyle community.

The location has many apartment projects, townhouses and villas formed. Typical to mention: Masteri Thao Dien, D’Edge, District 2 Thao Dien, etc. Living at Gateway Thao Dien, residents inherit many utilities and resident communities.

Gateway Thao Dien District 2 is located near Metro An Phu Line – Station 7 of Metro Line 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien . The waiting factor greatly affects the value of real estate of high-class apartments in District 2 after being completed and put into operation.

Where the “rich” live, the facilities here are high-class and modern. Many high-class restaurants and cafes exist. There are many famous large commercial centers such as: Vincom Mega Mall , Parkson Cantavil, … Medical & health care centers such as: Thao Dien Medical, Family Medical, …

The area has many green spaces, near the Saigon River (200m) to help regulate and purify the air, creating a fresh, friendly living environment and beautiful views in many directions.

3. Utilities at Gateway Thao Dien District 2

As shared above, the project has a construction density of the podium 52.7% and the tower is 31.3%. The remaining area is for utilities and living space to meet the needs of both residents.

There are 4 floors of podiums to build a commercial center. It is a place for shopping and entertainment services to attract residents.

5-star resort standard overflow swimming pool.

Wine cellar.

Food street, international standard cafe.

Kindergarten, children’s play area.

Gym, Spa, sports club, sauna.

Nature Park

Living at the Gateway Thao Dien project, residents will have a fully equipped life. In the near future, when the projects are completed, put into operation and the surrounding large urban areas are formed, every resident in District 2 apartments will have many benefits.

Design evaluation of Gateway Thao Dien apartment

We appreciate the design style of Gateway Thao Dien which is very luxurious and sophisticated. The living room is reasonably arranged to create a feeling of ventilation, with a balcony (4 – 17m2) to increase the ability to receive light, wind, and fresh air from outside into the apartments.

The bedroom is beautifully and delicately designed to create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.

In particular, all bedrooms are designed with negative columns so you will not feel cramped, the outside view area is installed with 2m4 high tempered glass to create a large space, beautiful view towards the Saigon River and other areas. surrounding area.

The apartment furniture is imported by Sonkim Land from many famous international brands such as: SB Furniture, Kohler toilet accessories, Teka finishing kitchen, ceiling cooling, etc. Reasonable installation to create a comfortable living space for guests. elite.

4. What is the selling price of Gateway Thao Dien District 2?

Updated selling price of Gateway Thao Dien Cao Lam Phong about 65 million/m2. Completed in 2018 until now, residents have moved in a lot. If you want to buy an apartment, you can only choose to buy it from previous investors.

We consider the above selling price to be very reasonable during this time to be able to buy in or rent out. Possessing a perfect design style, living environment, and utilities.

You can refer to some projects around:

Estella Heights : 65 million/m2.

Masteri Thao Dien : price 55-60 million/m2.

Masteri Lumiere Riverside : price 80-90 million/m2.

Mozac Thao Dien : 80 million/m2 (about to open for sale).

Who is Gateway Thao Dien investor? Is it reputable?

The investor of Gateway Thao Dien apartment is Sonkim Land. Formerly the leading textile corporation Dai Thanh in Vietnam, established in 1950 through 3 generations. Having strong economic potential, in 1993 Sonkim Land Group was officially established by the 3rd generation.

The group with multi-fields such as communication, exploitation and management of fashion brands, retail, etc., is still the most successful in the real estate sector.

As a partner of many big brands in the real estate field such as: Hamon Development, Hongkong Land, Bankinvest, etc. Sonkim Land’s goal is to become a leading domestic and foreign real estate investor and trader.

In Ho Chi Minh market, Sonkim Land has many famous projects such as: The Metropole Thu Thiem , The Nassim Thao Dien, Serenity Sky Villas, … projects that create a fever in the real estate market in East Saigon.

Frequently asked questions at Gateway Thao Dien project

What is the transfer price of Gateway Thao Dien in 2020?

The transfer price of Gateway Thao Dien apartment is from 3.2 to 20 billion VND/unit.

How much is Gateway Thao Dien apartment for rent/month?

Gateway Thao Dien apartment for rent ranges from 20 to 55 million/month.

To buy or consign Gateway Thao Dien, who should I contact?

The hotline number for receiving and leasing the Gateway Thao Dien project is 0901.377,389

Above is the information and analysis and evaluation of the Gateway Thao Dien project performed by expert Cao Lam Phong. The information is very useful for you to make the most reasonable choice.

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