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10 Unique Christmas Gifts to Pleasantly Surprise Your Family and Friends This Holiday



christmas gifts

In this article, we will give 10 unique Christmas gift ideas that will pleasantly surprise your family and friends. You can gift these items regardless of gender or age. So if you’re looking for a gift for a special lady in your life then check out the top 10 gift ideas that women really want that are perfect for any occasion.

Doorbell Camera

The doorbell camera is often considered a camera spy. It helps you to see who is ringing your doorbell. This can be a very cool Christmas gift for your family and friends.

Earrings and Pendants

The reason you should gift earrings and pendants is the variety. They can be given as a more casual gift, such as a dolphin or flower-shaped pendant for a mother or sister. Or they can be given as a more romantic gift, such as a diamond-studded heart pendant for a girlfriend or wife. Also, it is very easy to find a suitable pendant for any age group.

Scented Candles and Incense

Women absolutely love the scented candles! Maybe it’s the irresistible aroma they produce or the fact that they create a soothing ambiance and a romantic atmosphere. They come in various sizes, colors, and scents and you can find these gifts almost anywhere. Incense and scented candles make great gifts for smaller occasions.

Gift Baskets

When all else fails, go for a gift basket. You can find a great variety when it comes to gift baskets with different items inside. Gift baskets allow you to give her a little bit of everything, making them perfect for those picky people on your gift list. Couple a gift basket with a bouquet of red roses and your wife or girlfriend will love it!

Cards and Chocolates

Sending someone a card is always a nice way to say thanks or to show that you’ve been thinking about her. It’s a simple way to make her feel appreciated and respected. Compliment the card with a delicious box of chocolates because most women adore getting chocolates. It’s a perfect choice for a romantic night out with your wife or girlfriend.

Cell Phone or Other Latest Gadgets

These are great for the lady that loves to stay connected with the latest gadgets. A new iPhone with an amazing camera and matchless features is perfect for the woman that is on the go. Popular brands include Apple, Canon, Sony, and Samsung.

Enamel Pins

This is a very unique idea. You can gift custom enamel pins to your beloved ones. These Christmas enamel pins are completely custom and you can choose your favorite color to fill in. This is a very unique gift idea and the recipient would love it.

Designer Purse

Women love purses almost as much as shoes and clothes. Shopping for purses is an effortless process as you don’t have to worry about sizes. Choose modern colors when it comes to buying purses. If you want to play it safe, then choose a classic leather bag that is brown, black, or white.

New Computer

If the person you want to gift is tech-savvy then gifting a new computer would be a perfect choice. These techies love getting tech gadgets as a gift. Just buy a good computer depending upon the usage. For a video editor or photographer, a Mac would be a perfect gift.

Kitchen Accessories

If the receiver loves cooking then what could be a better gift than the kitchen accessories. Think of items that will help make tasks easier such as a new Kitchenaid professional stand mixer or mixing bowl sets. New gadgets for the kitchen are also impressive such as a cappuccino machine or a new set of china dishes.

That’s the end of the top 10 gift ideas for women. These are classic gift ideas that women will enjoy receiving on any special occasion like Christmas. Some are more extravagant while others are simpler, ensuring that you’ll find the right gift no matter what your budget.

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Best Ways to Save Money and Live Debt Free



save money

Reduce debt, reduce stress, and save time with a few ideas, tips, and tricks that any budget can handle.

There are many creative and easy ways to save money on a daily basis that can be incorporated into any lifestyle and help people achieve the goal of living debt-free. These tips are suggestions for getting creative, using time wisely, and through it finding that elusive extra money.

Saving Money Tips, the Cash System

Use a cash system to build a higher awareness of where the money is going. After paying the bills, take out a set amount of cash and use that only for weekly spending. The cash envelope system works well for those who need to be weaned from credit and debit card swiping. Set aside a percentage of cash into each labeled envelope (clothing, haircuts, groceries, toiletries, etc.) and what is in there is what there is to spend. It may need to sit in its envelope until there is enough for the desired purchase. This also increases the awareness of the need versus want factor. Think before spending.

Saving Money Tips, Groceries Shopping

Besides the obvious clipping coupons idea, organizing a comprehensive basic grocery list is the best way to save money on shopping, plus when the pantry is full of basics, the ability to make “something from nothing” meals is much easier. Some money-saving tips for groceries and eating out are:

  • Create a basic grocery list to stock your pantry, this equals less frequent trips
  • Rigidly sticking to a list while shopping
  • Do not ever think about going to the grocery store hungry
  • Cook and eat at home more often
  • When eating out, split a meal and a side – sit down dinner for a fast-food price.
  • Use coupons from when eating out.

Saving Money Tips, Transportation and Miscellaneous

  • Save gas by running errands all in the same day
  • Consider transportation options, walk, bike, or use public transportation whenever appropriate
  • Pay bills online, saving money on stamps – it costs almost 50 cents to mail a letter now
  • Drink teas instead of pricey lattes
  • Trade buying coffee drinks altogether by buying a French press and making it at home
  • Have friends over for drinks instead of going out
  • Utilize the library and borrow books, music, and movies there
  • Need to buy a book? Buy used at

Reuse, Recycle, Renew

Never underestimate a good thrift shop. Celebrities even shop at them these days. Certain cities have a fantastic selection of thrift shops stocked full of designer clothes and shoes that are barely worn. At Buffalo Exchange shops, a pair of jeans from Citizens of Humanity can have a price tag of $40 instead of $211. Live frugally and look good doing it. Of course, at thrift or consignment shops, a great pair of Abercrombie jeans can be picked up for five bucks, too. Department stores typically offer free samples of many products, from perfume to skincare.

Other ways to save money include selling the stuff that is not needed anymore, like clothes, shoes, and baby things. A fun way to save money on clothes is to host a “clothing exchange” party. Have guests bring the items they no longer want and trade with other guests. This is a great opportunity for shoppers to socialize and get “new” things, while the emotional needs met through shopping are replaced with healthy interactions.

When the extra money is found it should be saved in a high yield savings account and start building into a fund for vacations, emergencies, or other future events. Just a little at a time can grow into a way to become debt-free.

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The New Rules on How to Approach a Girl Online



approacing a girl

As technology changes and people grow past the old ways of doing things, new approaches to communicating on the Internet must be found.

Gentleman’s Quarterly (better known as GQ) sex columnist Julieanne Smolinski has some definite ideas on how guys should approach the ladies online, especially since she’s recently scored a Google+ account. In this month’s GQ, Smolinski offers her boisterous opinions on how guys should and should not behave if they want to meet, “friend” or otherwise converse with the fairer sex on the Internet.

One Woman’s Advice for Meeting Women Online

Her first and most startling piece of advice for guys using leolist is to only initiate conversation, etc. if they have already met the lady in question, in the real world. As in face to face. Whoa.

She then goes on to admit that such a prerequisite is not always possible so then continues to add such gems as suggesting that guys not approach women online if they already have a wife or girlfriend, and then by not trying to write in overly familiarized terms, such as some guys do to try to sound casual. She says it is usually anything but and then moves on to more mundane suggestions such as that it might not kill a guy’s chances if he were to simply act like a nice, normal, polite guy. Like she thinks guys would act in person.

Seems reasonable.

Other Possibilities for Meeting Women Online

Others feel that the best way to go about it, is to play like it’s no big deal, or at least not what you’re really after; which means, to manipulate them. I have a friend, John, who says he’s met tons of women simply by starting a web blog. He joined one of those that is part of a community type deal and then just sees who else has a blog.

Then, he reads random posts and if he finds whatever someone’s written interesting, posts a comment down at the bottom about how it struck him; that’s it, no come-ons or anything. He’s careful, he says, to only post comments where it’s obvious the writer is both female and has very few followers so his comments will surely be noticed. He says he finds every now and then one of them will post a comment back on his blog (if he posts regularly about reasonably interesting topics) and once that happens, he says, a connection is made. More posts ensue, or they don’t. If they do, the relationship blossoms, if not, there’s plenty of other blogs to visit.

Another, less blunt approach suggested by a female colleague on a website for aspiring novelists, is for men to simply join a website that offers something they enjoy, such as winetasting, reading or television critique; there they will likely find all sorts of women posting about whatever is relevant for the site, in a style that invites comment. Then post and comment till a connection is made.

The Bottom Line on Approaching Women Online

Regardless of approach, the day of simply sending anonymous text messages or sitting around in chat rooms, has passed; new technology and increased sophistication by women means that men who wish to meet women online, better come prepared with something to offer as well as something to say.

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Things You Must Know Before Dating Russian Women



dating russian

There are many myths regarding dating a Russian woman. But there are a few things you must know before dating a Russian woman.

There are some commonly know things about the Russian women that they love clean and well-groomed men. The admire the bravery and love confidence. Confidence is a new attractiveness for them.

We all know how beautiful Russian women are and they are Best Brides because of their loyalty and attachment to culture.

But there are many other hidden or unknown things that you must know. So let’s get started with them.

All Russian women are always young

In order to address a Russian woman, you have to say “devushka” which means “young woman”. No matter what is the age of the lady you have to say the same word for her. You should know that it can be insulting to use any other word.

You are the one to pay bills

When dating a Russian woman you are the one to pay the bills. In western countries, people split up the bill but here it is not the case. You have to pay the bills otherwise you would create a bad impression of you in her eyes. If she is trying to pay the bill then do not let her do so. You insist to pay the bills yourself.

Carry the bags

Russian women don’t believe in feminism as they are attached to their family life and culture. So when you go out with her for shopping then make sure you carry all the bags. Make sure the lady is carrying nothing except her purse.

Give her attention

Unlike other women around the world, Russian women are more open to male chivalry and they are more likely to expect it from you. You should take care of things like opening the car door for her, helping her with her coat, letting a woman go first when entering or exiting a building. You should also know that the woman is the one who is supposed to go first when entering or exiting.

Buy her flowers

If you want to get one of those beautiful Russian women then make sure you buy flowers. This is the first thing you need to do. The other thing that you should keep in your mind is never by flowers in even numbers. The even numbers are acceptable on funerals. Make sure the flowers are more than a dozen or buy som many that she won’t be able to count.

Russian women are allowed to be late

Yes, you read it right. They are allowed to be late for any meeting or event – it’s practically a law. When dating a Russian woman, if she arrives 10-15 minutes late then take it easy. Don’t get blown away by your local standards.

I hope you don’t know these factors before. These are the things that matter a lot other than confidence, cleanliness, and grooming. If you find it helpful then do let us know in the comments section below.

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