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Anime Update
Kohta Pictures
Kohta is from the show Elfen Lied. It looks pretty good but never have seen it.

Ayano Shiraishi Pictures
Ayano Shiraishi is from the show Grave of the Fireflies. It looks pretty good but never have seen it.

Athena Pictures
Athena is form the show Saint Seiya. It is a pretty good one and we have some cool pictures on our site for you.

Takuto Kira Pictures
Takuto Kira is a pretty good anime show that everyone likes. Check out their pictures, photos and images.

Brandon Heat Pictures
Brandon Heat is an anime character from Gungrave. Check out hi spictures and photos here.

Monkey Luffy Pictures
Monkey Luffy has been added to our anime section. We just started re-adding more anime content and expect way more in the future!

Last Excile Pictures
Last Excile galleries have been added to our database.

Macross Pictures
Macross pictures, images and galleries were requested so we updated our site with these images.

Noir Pictures
Noir check their wallpapers and images out!

Rockman Pictures
Rockman is added to the site, check their pictures and galleries out.

Slayers Pictures
Slayers is added to the site, check their pictures and galleries out.

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Galleries
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is a great show, look at them!

Maetel Legend Pictures
Maetel Legend pics have been added to, hope you will like them.

Mahoromatic Pictures
Mahoromatic anime galleries have been included in our daily update. We included Minawa and Manhoromatic.

Haibane Renmei Pictures
Haibane Renmei galleries added. Feel free to post them to your friends on facebook, myspace, friendster or Hi5.

Kiddy Grade Pictures
Kiddy Grade is one of my favorite anime shows. I am glad I finally got around to adding these anime pictures.

.Hack Pictures
.Hack galleries have been added to anime section of graphicshunt. Check them out, we will continue to add more.

Dragon Half Galleries
Dragon Half images were hard to find but we found them for you. Check out the Dragon Half gallery.

Mononoke Hime Images
Mononoke Hime anime pics have been added to our aime gallrery.

Kanon Images
Kanon anime images and anime pictures have been add to our database.

Princess Nine Images
Princess Nine pictures were jsut recently added to our anime site.

Crest of the Stars
Crest of the Stars anime galleries were added to Feel free to add them to myspace, facebook or friendster.

Excel Saga Pictures
Excel Saga anime galleries were added to Feel free to add them to myspace, facebook or friendster.

Kiddy Grade Galleries
Kiddy Grade anime pictures were added. Hope you all like them!

Shaman King Pics
Shaman King galleries where added today. With over 6 pages you will find everything you want to.

Love Hina Pics
Love Hina galleries where added today. With over 6 pages you will find everything you want to.

Furi Kuri Pictures
Furi Kuri also known as FLCL has been added today for all its lovers. So make sue to check the images out and add them to your website, forum, myspace or anything else you want to.

Devil Hunter Yohko Pictures
Devil Hunter Yohko has been added... only a few pictures but atleast some.

Ah! My Goodness Galleries
Ah! My Goodness is here on now, add them to myspace, hi5, friendster or orkut. Also, you can always add them to any forum or website!

Cowboy Bebop Pictures
Cowboy Bebop Have been added to graphicshunt. At anytime you are more than welcome to post our Cowboy Bebop anime images on myspace, hi5 or anyother social network or website.

Black Cat Galleries
Black Cat images have been added. A few of the characters that were added Charden, Creed Dsikenth, Eveand Leon.

Blue Seed Pictures
Blue Seed Images were added today for all its fans. We also added the characters for the Blue Seed anime show. As always adding these images to your myspace or hi5, friendster or facebook account is ok!

Chobits Pictures
Chobits photos were added to also the following characters Shimizu Takako, Yumi, Yuzuki and Motosuwa Hideki.

Gigantic Formula Pictures
Gigantic Formula galleries were added today. We have Mana Kamishiro, Shingo Suwa, and Utsumi Amano.

Death Note Galleries
Death Note has been added today. We included the following characters: Amane Misa, Mello, Rem and Ryuk. Feel free to add them to your myspace or hi5 profiles!

Trigun Images
Trigun were just added due to popular demand. Make sure to check out: Kuroneko, Nebraska Family and Rem Saverem Pictures. Don't forget to use Trigun pictures and graphics on your myspace, Hi5 or Friendster account!

Bleach Pictures
We have added some Bleach Pictures. They include some of the following characters: Sado Yasutora, Ishida Uryuu, Ichigo Team, Ise Nanao, and Ikkanzaka Jiroubou.

Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic Pictures were just recently added make sure to checkout my favorite characters: Teletha Testarossa and Souske And Kaname.

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